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Let's do ourselves justice

There are lots of marketing web sites. There are lots of marketing blogs. There are lots of marketing magazines. Not many, if any at all, do justice to marketing in the scholarly communications sector.

You probably don't have the budget for the massive consumer campaigns that bloat our magazines and interrupt our enjoyment of the big movie. Yet that doesn't mean that modern marketing techniques have nothing to offer the scholarly world. You just have to work cleverer.

That's what the MAPP is designed to help you do.

The MAPP will launch soon as a forum for discussion and a resource of useful marketing information and opinion, dedicated to the world of scholarly publishing and communication. Managed by an expert panel from across the industry, the MAPP is designed to help the marketing profession grow and develop as our publishing landscape continues to evolve and as new tools and techniques become available.

Whatever stage of your marketing career you are at, the MAPP will have something to offer, to help you develop professionally and gain recognition for the powerful contribution that professional marketing can make in the world of scholarly publishing.

Why not download our first newsletter - Compass - to get a first taste of what the MAPP has to offer, and join the current Linkedin group to get a flavour of what's on the minds of your industry colleagues.




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